A few of my Airtable projects.

The Smart Timesheet

A timesheet that saves you time, is mobile friendly, and can be shared instantly with your accounting team.

Full-scale Project Management

Build estimates, automatically calculate remaining project balances, track progress. All in airtable.  

Lifetime Value Tracker

Customize Airtable for You

I've built custom tools for many small businesses and provided a multitude of consultations to individuals for their personal Airtable use.

3 Day Turnaround

Need it quick? I build quick.

Easy Transition

Get help transitioning your spreadsheets to Airtable

Transparent Costs

Basic packages. Determined upfront.

Airtable Q&A

Is Airtable a good solution for my business?

One of the best. If you track clients, orders, or general notes in Microsoft Excel or Mac Numbers you can seriously up your game with very little learning by switching to Airtable.  You can even import data from existing spreadsheets, so no manual entry.

Is Airtable a good solution for my personal life?

If you're type A, you will love Airtable. Build smart lists, integrate with your calendar, track EVERYTHING.

Is Airtable expensive?

Airtable is free for personal accounts and provides a TON of value for being a free product. Most of what you need is in the free version. You can upgrade for $20/month (at the time of writing this) and that gets you some extra goodies. Free account is a great place to start.

Can Airtable integrate with my other apps?

Yes, you can connect Airtable with hundreds of other applications. Connect it with your online store to log orders and track clients, connect it with Typeform to store all the entries from your website form in one place, connect it with Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter to up your social media game. Options are (almost) endless.

I don't work for Airtable or have any affiliate. These Q&A's are my opinions gained through building many tools and applications in Airtable for myself and for clients. Airtable rules. Spreadsheets drool.